Country Pub Project #004 by Ryan Cremer

The Shanty Hotel - Alfredtown

In 2011 the population of Alfredtown was 88 people, with the main age group being people between 50 and 59 years of age.

Alfredtown (known as Alfred Town until 1988, and previously known as The Shanty) is a rural community in the central east part of the Riverina It is about 5 km north ofand 14 km east of Wagga Wagga.

Alfredtown is on the Sturt Highway and consists of The Shanty Hotel (otherwise known as The Shanty Tavern & Bistro) and a petrol station combined with small store.

Hollywood by Ryan Cremer

Just came back from a few days in Los Angeles. What a weird arse place that is...Not so much glitz and glamour as disrepair and decay.... Captured a few....

Visioner - Photoshoot by Ryan Cremer

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph local Albury metalcore band 'Visioner'

I had seen them play a a gig a couple of months back in Wodonga and they were fucking loud...The shoot went really smoothly and the guys in the band were cool to work with. Keep your eye out for gigs and new music via their Facebook page.

Here are a couple of photos from the shoot...



Shannon Noll Live by Ryan Cremer

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph Shannon Noll live on stage. I hadn't seen him perform before, except for on the tele of course, and wasn't sure what to expect. 

Here is a sample of images from the gig.

noll crop (1 of 1).jpg



Wizards of Ink by Ryan Cremer

Recently I got the opportunity to photograph the crew at the Wizards of Ink in Albury.

What an awesome experience. Seeing the artists do their thing up close has given me a unique perspective on just how talented tattooists really are.